Company Maintenance Services & Company Document Clean-Up

Dec 01 2015

Offering Company Document Clean-up


What is the Company Maintenance Service (CMS)?

CMS is an annual service we offer our clients to make their lives easier. Every company has some kind of annual filing to maintain its active status. We will keep track of your company’s deadlines and file your paperwork for you with the State. We will invoice you at the beginning of the year and we will take care of the rest. Once the filing is complete we will send you a confirmation to keep with your records. We offer CMS for a flat fee of $200.


What is document clean-up?

It is a service we provide to clients to review all their company documents from creation to present. In this process we will identify any missing or inaccurate documents. We will work with you to either redraft the correct documents or create the documents you are missing. We provide piece of mind by reviewing your documents to ensure they are accurate and complete.


We look forward to serving you, earning your trust and becoming your go to paralegal resource.  Please feel free to e-mail us anytime at, call us at 855-451-7959, or check us out at or

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