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What can you tell me about your company?  

First, we want to say thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and reading our FAQ. We are a veteran woman-owned and operated business located in Florida.  Whether you have multiple asset holding companies, a small business owner, or looking to form your first company we provide everyone with the same fast reliable services for one flat fee.

While working in the corporate world we were amazed at how much clients were overpaying for their services and thought we could help. 

Our nationally certified paralegals will file your documents accurately and in a timely manner.  We offer services most businesses can benefit from like formations, dissolutions, mergers, annual reports, corporate document clean up, corporate maintenance service, registered agents and IRS filings for EIN and 501(c)3 exemptions. All of our services are available across the 50 states.


 Why should I chose Big & Small Paralegal Services?

We know that your success and growth is directly tied to ours. We enjoy and desire to facilitate your success. If we provide excellent services for a reasonable fee we will win your future business. We know repeat customers are the keys to success. We live by this business model. We work for you and your business pays our checks. We do the job right the first time every time.


How do I form a company?

Forming a company is done by filing paperwork with the State you want to register your company. The required paperwork is dependent on the type of company you want to form. There are a few company types: Corporation, LLC, Partnership, and Not for Profit. Each company type has its own specific filing requirements. We keep it simple by handling all the paperwork for you. You tell us where and when and we’ll take care of the rest.


Can I form a company anonymously?

Yes, absolutely. We can help you file your company anonymously in the handful of States that permit it. To keep your name off the formation paperwork we would provide our registered agent name and address and use our company information as the incorporator.


What is a Registered Agent and do I need one?

A registered agent is a person or company authorized to accept mail on your behalf. The agent must be located within the State your company is registered.

No: If you are located in the State where your company was registered you can act as your own agent.

Yes: If you are registered in a different State you will need to use a service, and we would like to be your registered agent. Almost every state requires a company to have a registered agent and our service is available in all 50 states.


 Forming a company


What are the different types of companies?

A Corporation is: an independent legal entity owned by shareholders, also referred to as a C corp. Corporations are more complex than other types due to annual requirements, tax filings and administrative fees. Corporations can choose to be taxed as an S Corp by filing a form with the IRS. S Corp status can create a tax savings for your business but not all companies are eligible.

A LLC is: a hybrid structure providing the limited liability of a corporation with the tax benefits and flexibility of a partnership. Owners are members and can have one or more members. LLCs are pass through entities with profits or losses reported by the members on their personal tax returns. LLCs can choose to be taxed as a corporation by filing a form with the IRS.

A Partnership is: a single business with two or more people sharing ownership. There are three types: General, Limited and Joint Venture.

A Not for Profit is: a corporation formed for purposes other than making money for its owners. There are many varieties of non-profits. They may apply for tax exemption status with the IRS.

We provide company formation, mergers, dissolutions and conversions for all company types. Whatever you need whenever you need it.


What is an EIN?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS to companies for tax filing and reporting purposes. It’s a social security number for your business so you don’t have to use your personal social security number on your business documents. An EIN is required if you want to open a bank account or line of credit in the company’s name, apply for business permits or hire employees.

Whether we are forming your new business or helping you with an established company we charge a flat $50 fee to process and submit the application.


Do I need to know the IRS forms needed for my new company?

When you use our services we will work with you to fill out and process the correct forms based on your company type. Let us take the hassle out of dealing with the IRS during your new company formation.


Do you offer priority or same day services?

We typically process and submit your applications within 24-48 hours. After the application is submitted to the State it is on the States timeline. Some States do offer priority services for an additional fee. For example, Delaware offers priority processing of 1 hour for an additional $1000 or same day for $500.


 Company Requirements for Annual Reports


Do I need stock certificates, a seal or a minute book for my company?

In short, no.

The law did require companies to have all of these items but as times changed so did the requirements for corporate records. Today none of this is required, at least not in the same format. Paper stock certificates are no longer required to track issued shares, they can be tracked on a single electronic stock ledger. A seal is no longer needed. A minute book once used as an organizational device to keep all your company papers in one place can now be kept electronically. The federal law has changed to integrate paper reduction into corporate practices.

Vendors will have you believe you still need these items for your company and you still can have them if you want, but they are no longer required by law and are a purely a matter of preference. We do not usually offer these items unless a client specifically requests them.


Do I need to do anything after my company is formed?

Yes. In some states, like CA, you have to file a Statement of Information within 90 days of formation. All states require you to perform some kind of annual filing to keep your registration active. Each state has their own timeline for annual reports, some are on the filing anniversary, some are on set dates and some are biennial. You have to keep track of the filing dates because if you miss a deadline you will have to pay a penalty fee on top of the filing fee and if you miss it altogether your company will be administratively dissolved.

We can track and file your annual reports for you thereby relieving your stress about missed deadlines. Please read about our “Company Maintenance Service” to find out more. You focus on your business and we’ll focus on the details.


What is the Company Maintenance Service (CMS)?

CMS is an annual service we offer our clients to make their lives easier. Every company has some kind of annual filing to maintain its active status. We will keep track of your company’s deadlines and file your paperwork for you with the State. We will invoice you at the beginning of the year and we will take care of the rest. Once the filing is complete we will send you a confirmation to keep with your records. We offer CMS for a flat fee of $149.


What is document clean-up?

It is a service we provide to clients to review all their company documents from creation to present. In this process we will identify any missing or inaccurate documents. We will work with you to either redraft the correct documents or create the documents you are missing. We provide piece of mind by reviewing your documents to ensure they are accurate and complete.

Clearance Search Trademark Filing 


What is a Trademark?

According to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) a trademark is a mark that can be registered. There are two types of marks: a trademark is used to identify goods which are produced and sold; and service marks which are used to identify services performed by a person for the benefit of another.

We will fill out the application for your mark and submit the application with the USPTO. Our flat $500 fee covers the clearance search to check for conflicts, the completion of the application and the submission fee for the application. We work closely with our clients to ensure the application is correct prior to submission to reduce the chances of rejection. Attention to detail and accuracy of information separate us from the competition.


What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is the general term for the process of researching and locating information about a particular person for a number of reasons. Skip tracing can be used for background checks, locating someone, address confirmation, e-mail finder, lead generation, etc. If you have a question about whether we can find the information you need or would like a quote please contact us at services@mybsps.com.


How do I go about Dissolving my Company? 

Whether you are looking to close your business due to bankruptcy, retirement, or whatever the reason is our Certified Paralegals specialize in processing and filing dissolutions in every state.  We can handle this for you from start to finish. 


Do you offer products or services not listed on the website?

Yes, absolutely. If the product or service is not listed on the website email us at services@mybsps.com to discuss your project with one of our Certified Paralegals.  


What is your cancellation policy?

Should the need arise to cancel an order we offer refunds for all monies paid out for the service as long as no expenses are incurred or money paid out to the State, or Federal agency for the application. All cancellations must be in writing and sent to cancellation@mybsps.com.


Are you always available?

Yes, we are your virtual paralegal service available any time you need us for whatever projects you might have. In addition to being available during normal business hours we have an on-call paralegal to ensure our clients are taken care of during off business hours. We have coverage around the clock.

During the holidays when our staff is enjoying some much deserved time off the management team monitors the website, email and phones. Don’t worry, our management team is also comprised of certified paralegals.


Are you on social media?

Yes, we are on Facebook, and twitter. Please take a moment to like us or share us with your family, friends and colleagues.

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