Forming a company in the 21st century

Nov 22 2015


Do I need stock certificates, a seal or a minute book for my company?

In short, no.

The law did require companies to have all of these items but as times changed so did the requirements for corporate records. Today none of this is required, at least not in the same format. Paper stock certificates are no longer required to track issued shares, they can be tracked on a single electronic stock ledger. A seal is no longer needed. A minute book once used as an organizational device to keep all your company papers in one place can now be kept electronically. The federal law has changed to integrate paper reduction into corporate practices.

Vendors will have you believe you still need these items for your company and you still can have them if you want, but they are no longer required by law and are purely a matter of preference. We do not usually offer these items unless a client specifically requests them in an effort to save them money.


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