Foreign Qualify Your LLC in Utah

Expand company into Utah

Foreign Qualify, do you need to qualify your LLC in Utah? Expanding has never been easier call Big & Small Paralegal, 855-451-7959, today!  

Our Certified Paralegals specialize in processing qualifications in every state.  At the bottom of this page are the questions necessary to start the process of expanding your LLC.  Big & Small Paralegal Services also offers additional services, (for an additional fee), these service are not required but can help maintain your corporation for years to come.

    • EIN Application
    • The EIN is necessary if you want to open a business banking account. We will work with you to fill out the application and then we will process with the IRS and deliver the EIN number to you.
    • Annual Report Service*
    • By taking advantage of our service our paralegals will maintain your active status by taking care of the required annual filing(s) and track your due dates so you don't have to!

*Missed deadlines can result in penalties and administrative dissolution. 

  • Registered Agent Services
  • Available in all 50 States! Every State requires a registered agent located in the State you are registered to operate in. Whether you want to maintain anonymity or you just don't want to be bothered our service will ensure you receive your correspondence in a timely manner by e-mail.

    The price includes the statutory filing fee to qualify your company. A Certificate of Status is required from your home state to prove your company is active and all fees are paid. If you do not have a current certificate we will find out how much it costs to retreive the certificate and invoice you.

    If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us anytime at or call us at 855-451-7959.

    • $ 210.00

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