Company Maintenance Service - CMS gives piece of mind!

CMS handles the deadlines

Our company has the ultimate service for business owners. CMS gives piece of mind by taking care of your Annual State Filings. Call today 800-585-2759 for info!

What is CMS? The answer is Company Maintenance Service and when you subscribe to it we start taking care of tracking and processing your annual state filings for you.  For one flat fee we will track your due dates for annual reports, franchise taxes, statements of information or whichever filings your state requires on an annual basis to maintain your active status.  We will invoice you at the beginning of the year for that years service fee, the State's filing fee and we will handle the filing from start to finish.  Once filed we will send you the filing evidence for your records. 

We also offer stand alone annual report filing for $99, but you will have to let us know when it's due and when you want it to be filed.

Missing a filing deadline will result in penalty fees and if unfiled for the year the company will be administratively dissolved and will require the filing of a reinstatement to return the company to an active status. 

The fee listed is the service fee, our invoice will include the additional cost of the state filings you require.

This is also the time for free updates to your state filed information.  During your annual report you can update the following for free:

  • Company Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Registered Agent information
  • Add or remove members/manager/officers

Please feel free to e-mail us anytime at, call us at 800-585-2759, or check us out at or

  • $ 149.00

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