Annual Report filing to keep your registration active!

Filing your Annual Report

All States require you to perform some kind of annual report filing to keep your registration active. Call 800-585-2759 so we can file them for you.            

A missed deadline will result in penalty fees and possible administrative dissolution.  Our Certified Paralegals can file your annual reports for you and give you piece of mind that it has been take care of in an efficient, accurate, and timely manner.  This service is available in all 50 States for one low flat fee of $99 plus you will be invoiced for the State filing fee.  Your focus is on your business and our focus is on the paperwork and deadlines.  This is a perfect opportunity to make any changes to the information listed on your registration.  Try our Document Clean-Up service.

If you have any questions or would like to try our Document Clean-Up service please feel free to e-mail us at  We look forward to working with you.


  • $ 99.00

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